RPISEC is RPI's security club. We put on weekly talks and participate in CTF competitions.


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Fairgame (RPISEC Intro CTF)


Date Topic Slides Resources
2021-09-24 Welcome to RPISEC Slides N/A
2021-09-28 Welcome to INTROSEC Slides Demo Files
2021-10-01 Fairgame 100 Walkthrough Slides N/A
2021-10-05 Web Fundamentals Slides Demo Files
2021-10-08 Web Exploitation Slides Demo Files
2021-10-12 CANCELLED N/A N/A
2021-10-15 Reverse Engineering Slides Demo Files
2021-10-19 REview of RE See previous N/A
2021-10-22 Shellcoding Slides Demo Files
2021-10-26 No Talk N/A N/A
2021-10-29 Pwning 2.0: Stack Cookies, ROP, ASLR Slides Demo Files
2021-11-02 No Talk N/A N/A
2021-11-05 Cryptography: Part 1 Slides N/A
2021-11-09 Modern Crypto Math Slides N/A
2021-11-12 Cryptography: Part 2 Slides Demo Files
2021-11-16 No Talk N/A N/A
2021-11-19 No Talk N/A N/A
2021-11-23 Thanksgiving Break N/A N/A
2021-11-26 Thanksgiving Break N/A N/A
2021-12-03 Steganography Slides Demos/Tools
2022-02-04 Android Slides N/A
2022-03-04 LolPHP Slides N/A
2022-03-11 Spring Break N/A N/A
2022-03-18 Lockpicking Slides N/A
2022-03-25 Heap Exploitation Slides Demo Files
2022-04-01 RITSEC CTF N/A N/A
2022-04-08 Password Cracking Slides Demo Files
2022-04-15 SQL Injection Slides N/A

Extra Materials

Date Topic Slides Resources
2021-09-11 NetProg Talk Slides Demo Files

Tools VM

Download (Size: ~3.4GB) This machine comes with a variety of tools that we use on a regular basis and come in handy when working on CTFs. Use this if you don't have Linux running on one of your machines, or just want a blank slate to work with.

Installation Instructions

This image works best with VirtualBox. After installing, go to File > Import Appliance, select the .ova file, and click through the dialogs.

General Information

Here's a quick list of software we have installed for you:

Reversing tools

Pwning tools

Web tools

Misc tools

Other useful information

Old Stuff